About NipawanCh


is my name. It is my identity. And here is my tiny space in the massive digital world where I could share my stories, thoughts, and experiences to you.

Originally this blog was designed just as an assignment on one of my master degree courses. I studied MSc Digital Marketing so the course was inevitably to involve blogging. The content was initially formed around my study, marketing, and teamwork. As the time went by, I found myself enjoying writing about life, what lesson I have learnt from my past and present, and how I perceive the future.

In some parts of life when we are feeling down, fragile, or lost, what we need is something inspiring, motivating, and guiding. Often in the normal situations, we can generate inspiration or motivation by ourselves. However, in such a sensitive circumstance, we might need to seek those elsewhere (maybe through reading, seeing, or hearing other people’s stories and thoughts). I hope you could find your embracing booster somewhere in my blog. Hopefully it could be beneficial to you in some ways.

Everybody has different ways of thinking. I would love to hear from your side, how you think of things, and what ideas you have. Don’t hesitate to share ‘coz maybe your stories will inspire me and others as well.

About me

I have an extended background on marketing and digital marketing. Being in this field, my thought have shaped into more flexible thinking. I always be a type of person who love to dream and seek to improve myself. However, dreaming to much cannot lead anyone to anywhere. So today I’ll share what I have learnt throughout my life. Some might collaborate marketing thinking. Some might be more reflective thinking. Some might be advices with study.

In this blog, you could find bits and bobs about studying, life, quote, and self-motivating seeds.
I am no where near expert, but I could be your friend who share moments in life both ups and downs.

To be continued,

Twitter: @NipawanCh
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/pub/nipawan-charoensuksai/34/1bb/b1b/


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