Life (an article I composed when I was 16 years old)

From the moment we were born, we have been dealing with destiny. No one can control destiny, but we can control the path in our way of living.

Life is like a very long dark road that we have to walk through. This road has a load of unexpected lessons waiting for us to test how courageous we are. Some lessons we might pass, but some we might fail. Whenever you choose your path, you have to remind your heart and your mind to prepare for whatever success or failure you might face, because nothing is permanent. Everything is always changing.

When you’ve having a very hard time, will you admit that you fight back tears because of the pain? If yes, it’s good for you. When you have a problem, don’t run away. You have to take a risk to take the next step. Supposing you fell, don’t keep thinking about your past. If you do, it means you have locked yourself in the darkness of your thought. Please unlock them and walk out into the light. Learn from mistakes and leave failure behind you. Sometimes, failure can make people be stronger and give more experience. When we understand our mistakes, we will not repeat them again. Then, one day we will deserve real happiness and success. On the other hand, success is only the reward.

Consequently, remember that life is not a game that can be played again when you die. There is no second chance for life. We were born to try our best and keep on our journey no matter how painful it feels. Just let the ray of light lead your way. Don’t feel sorry about the path you chose. If you have already planned and evaluated pros and cons. Just complete it! One day you will realise those paths whether they are right or wrong. They make you who you are. You are breathing right now, right here.

In conclusion, failure is as a good teacher as you could find. Do whatever you’ve dreamt of. Make it become true and don’t just wait for an opportunity to come into your life because it’s not that easy. Build opportunities by fulfilling your dreams. Likewise, memorise that there is only you who can change.

This was an article I self-composed when I was 16 years old for my school English Public Speech Contest. I just want this to be documented, the language might not be as good nor perfect. I just kept it to the original 🙂



Reflection of time: Here and Now

The only crucial time in our lives is here and now.

Only here and now that allows us to change and do something. Only here and now that we can be the person be want to be. Only here and now that change can be started. 


Throughout life, I guess everybody has questioned themselves at least once of what this life mean? When is the crucial time for us past, present, or future. Many look forward toward the future and dream of a big fancy dream. Some look backward in their past and regret in something they’ve done. Many time, people wonder their thought in time so much that sometimes neglect the most crucial moment in our lives, now.

Now is scarce and cannot be traded. If it’s gone, it’s gone and becomes past. Now is the only time that we can make difference. It’s the only time that we can fix mistake in the past and control the future. Past leaves us the indication of flaws, mistakes, and lessons. Future is like a goal for us to determine and try to achieve. 

For me, today I’ve learnt my flaws. I can see where I could have make it better, what kind of person I need to be for my loved ones, what I should do and say. I used to be a very stubborn child and arrogant to learn and do everything by myself. I guess sometimes, I might have disappointed my loved ones or look over and take granted of what I have. Now I know those things won’t last long. Everything has an end. What I have now, I want to make it better, I need to make change. Today I realized, Now I am making changes, and only hope that it will not be too late.

What about you? Have you made changes today? 


Southampton, a town for study

For those who considering to come to study at the University of Southampton, you might have a lot of doubt about what Southampton is like, where are the shopping centre, where to chill, and what to do. I hope this post would be somewhat helpful to you.

Southampton is a medium sized town with the population of 200k (approx). It is a main port of UK, situated by the south-west. It is 75 miles away from London or about 1.30 hours by train. It has several historical site such as Bargate wall, Titanic memorial (as where Titanic was sailed from), and its harbour.

images (1) images Southampton

Despite the fact that Southampton is situated right by the ocean, do not expect beach. It is more like a giant port of monster cruises and cargo ships. Every year, Southampton has the massive boat show which worth taking a glimpse. The town is a blend of modern to the old town. You can expect the big shopping mall, WestQuay mall, grocery stores, clubs, and parks. You can easily travel Southampton by buses like Unilink or Bluestar. It might not be the most exciting town to be in, but it is a good place for study.

Most population in Southampton are university students who are nice and friendly. You can find most people here are easy to talk to and always willing to help which can be rare in other cities. Though I need to warn you in some occasions you might encounter a minor racist groups of youngsters, especially if you are Asian (but nothing major or serious, you just need to know where you go and be aware of the surrounding environment).

With the location of Southampton, travelling and going to other cities are easy. You can travel to London, Portsmouth, Winchester, Bath, Stonehenge, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, etc. easily by train or coach. These places are good weekend hideaway destinations that let you explore more British culture.

Moreover, I have to address you that Southampton is much cheaper compare to other cities such as London. The living cost here is around 600- 800 pounds per month while London can cost twice or more. So this is a huge plus.

To sum up, I think Southampton is a decent town that let you focus on your study while you can still chill in the park, watch movie, go clubbing, go shopping, or travelling to other places. It has everything that you can get at your convenience and cost a bit cheaper.

Author: @NipawanCh

MSc or Master Degree: Something you must know

It has been a year that I got into something called Master Degree. I studied MSc Digital Marketing at University of Southampton. I just finished my degree so it is pretty fresh in my memory what I have been through this past year. Choosing to coming here and actually being here can be very distinctive to what I imagine. It seems to be everybody’s dream (especially Thai people) to study aboard, and UK is one of the top education destinations. Many people think that studying aboard is a good chance for better career, high social status, and a lot of travelling. Let me tell you this, if you think of studying aboard for these mentioned reasons, maybe you got it wrong.

Studying abroad is hard. It will not be a beautiful experience as you’ve dreamt of. Hence the wide difference in education system and environment, you will need a lot of adjustment and investment. Start of with education system, UK master degree education system is interactive. You need to be critical and active. It is totally different from Bachelor that you sit in the room and listen to the lecturers. For master degree, the class schedule is minimal. If you see that you have a few class, don’t be too excited and dream of a lot of free times. In one course, you might only have 3 classes and you will be expecting to finish assignments, project, coursework. Because of this, you are expected to learn by yourself in your spare time and study before coming into class. The lecturers are there just to guide you but do not expect a lot of teaching. In master degree, you must be critical.

Another factor is grading system. Here in UK, the grading system is tough. Do not expect to get 70% up as easily coz 70% means you must be damn good. 60-50% is a average. Below 50%?….that means you fail. So don’t be panic when you received the mark and it’s quite low, that’s normal. Oh, and do not expect to receive the mark back fast, it takes times, sometimes so long that you forget what the assignment was about.

Apart from the education system that is tough and you need to work really hard on, environment is another crucial factor. You are in different country with different people. Sometimes, you might encounter culture shock of the differences. But this is the time to learn. Be open-minded and make some friends. Expand your horizon. You might learn something new that you cannot learn from elsewhere.

I would say master degree is not something easy but it’s not too hard. Master degree is something you must work for and determine with. Once you get yourself in master degree, you need to adjust and be open to something new. That is how you can be happy with your master degree. Master degree can be a good chance to expand your horizon in knowledge, in culture, in connection, and in future career. Master degree is where you grow to be master of your own, to learn by yourself, to live on your own, and to be responsible. It is your life coach. It is a precious time for you to think and decide what do you want in your life.

Recap about Master Degree:
Learning by yourself
Be determine and work for it
Expand your horizon with different people and different culture
Be open-minded and keep adjusting

It is you who can make your one year of Master degree fantastic or suffering. So decide for yourself.

Ps. This post is a reflective recap of my Master degree experience in UK.

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