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Vividly recollecting that sea of tartan still haunts me to this very day. Over a decade ago when I was entering my early teens, the one’s your mother want

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Groupwork, the positive and the challenges

Teamwork is one of the vital basements of any individual in term of achieving great goals. It brings the development of various skills relating to interaction and communication. It reflects people’s behaviour, thought, attitude in multi-dimension and provides a lifetime value in the future.

No matter what your future career would be, what level of organization you are in, or what business you want to own, you will be surrounded by people who you must work with. Knowing how to work as a team or how to work in group is then essential. And the best way to acquire this essential capability is through an actual experience.


Working with people can be tricky because everybody is different with the various background, culture, personality, attitude, and language. These differences can be obstacles in an effective communication. Because of the different background of understanding, describing thoughts and ideas can be hard and require more effort to create a united shared understanding with all team members. This extended the process of brainstorming where everyone shares their ideas and creativities. Yet, the trickiest part would be in approving ideas and agreeing along. When it comes to the agreeing along stage where some selected ideas are chosen and some are rejected, it is hard to find a case where everybody agrees on something in the first place. Normally, the screening and selecting ideas must be done over and over again where every thoughts and ideas should be listened with an open-mind and analysed according to logical reasons. In this stage, it is crucial to not being self-centered or persisting to one’s own thoughts too much. To avoid conflicts and achieving task in a time constraint, we must learn here how to respect one another and know when to conform. If not, the work could not progress and it might demotivate other team members.

Even though working in group can be challenging, the experience of learning is paramount and delightful. It provides a lifetime value in terms of improving an individual capabilities and strengthening further job opportunities. With the diversified differences, people can widely learn from one another and the scope of learning is not limited to one aspect. We can learn about different culture and value that people cherish, know new word or saying in different languages, or even get inspired for a place to travel to. Working in group is such a great chance to get to know people and understand the world outside of the book.

Working with people and exercising the differences can be great self-improvement method. Under the time and pressure constraint, individual skills are highly improved. We learn to compromise, respect each other, and accept other people opinion. We must be open-minded to learn and forgive. We learn to deal with conflict and develop communication skill especially when saying sensitive subject. We learn how to be mature, self control, be responsible, and be able to make decision according to change. We learn the importance of task allocation, time management, and share dependency along the process of working. Lastly, group working is just like a reflective mirror where we learn more about ourselves, about who we are, how we think and react in certain situations.

Prepare yourself for future marketing career

In the past couple years, social media and online communication have been booming all over the world. Massive data and information are widely generated more than ever with the digital and mobile technology. People change their behavior. They use their mobile phone or smart phone for almost everything. They share their thoughts, read others opinion, speak loudly in the digital world, and actively interact with others. This occurrence has a significant impact on business and especially marketing.

Hiring Demand for Mobile Marketers – 4 Year Hiring Demand
Source: WANTED Analytics

Nowadays, marketing jobs are no longer about the 4P’s concept or offline publication. It is now digital marketing  which involves using blogs, mobile applications, social networking, content sharing sites in communicating and promoting brands as well as analyzing digital data. In consequence, marketers and graduates are expected to be well-equipped with marketing knowledge and capable of using IT, digital tools, and multimedia of social networking.

The future of marketing careers are leaning more towards digital media and it’s a fast growing trend. As reported in Top 10 List: Where the jobs are (2011) by The New York Times, the occupation relating to network system and data communication was on the second rank with 53% job growth. Plus, Prospects, UK also forecasted the future trend of advertising, marketing and PR as it would turn to be digital marketing and new media oriented. These confirm a vast job opportunity of digital marketing, marketing analytics, and/ or related fields.

To grab the chance, marketers and graduates must prepare themselves ready! You must prepare yourself ready. Note the job qualification, develop those needed skills, and make yourself visible.

Digital Marketers Employability Skills

  • SEO and PPC knowledge
  • Content marketing and blogging
  • Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Storify
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords/ Adsense
  • HTML, CSS, PHP/ Javascript
  • Data analytical skill/ Data-driven Marketing
  • Cloud computing knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal/ communication skill
  • Project/ team work
  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • Passionate

Once you employ the needed skills for your future career, it is essential to make yourself visible online. These days people google everything so as company. Those whose job is to hire someone are now checking your profile and credibility online! They can simply type in your name and everything about you will pop up in second. So it’s your job to manage your online profile whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Beware of what you post, language you use, and too revealing photos that could ruin your image to the employer and possibly ruin your chance of getting a job.

Tips for managing online profile

  • Be active
  • Be professional
  • Beware of what you post publicly
  • Keep your secret or sensitive personal information private
  • Update your privacy setting on your social media account(s)
  • Build good connection with the prospect companies or successful professionals (can be done through LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Frequently google yourself
  • Build your profile through social media (Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Sell yourself with uniqueness (Blog can be used to reflect your interest and expertise in what you write)
  • Make yourself stand out of the crowd

Lastly, remember that they don’t know who your are or what you do but it’s not too hard for them to search for the truth that you are hiding.


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Key learning points in today’s marketing digitally

The world is always changing and shifting from era to era. Now we are in an era of “Information Age” leaded by technology and massive information. Then comes the new wave, social media. Social media introduces us to the new way of information exchange. It encourages individual interaction, online community, and online profile. Social media not only changes the world we live in, but also affects on marketing, generating new marketing DNA.

New Marketing DNA module by Paul Harrigan and Bev Hulbert

With technology and social media, today’s marketing is on a new page. It’s all about data. It’s all about new ways to communicate to customers. Most businesses are now trying to be more visible online. They don’t just depend on their own website or online store anymore, instead they expand their visibility and accessibility on other social media as well. Many companies create their Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Pinterest account, etc.

Changing aspects in Today’s marketing relating to the impact of technology and social media:

  • Web page, site design, and website marketing
  • Data analytic, data mining, and marketing research
  • CRM management
  • Marketing communication strategies including integrated social media with other channels
  • New way to manage relationship with customers
  • Alternative touchpoints
  • Individual focused and online profile
  • Mobile marketing
  • Online visibility and accessibility
  • Word-of-Mouth, Data driven marketing orientation
  • Cocreating value between company and customers
  • Customer interaction over online community

This is marketing in the 21st century which is also one of the courses that I am studying.

The core concept of this new marketing DNA can basically be viewed in terms of data (back-end data analytic) and communication (front-end communication). Personally, I am leaning toward the communication aspect as it is compatible to my study and interest. I found that social media is the main cause that shift the old marketing concept. It generates online community of customers, provides accessible place of exchanging massive information, and affects how people communicate. As a marketer, I am interested to learn and specialize in this new wave; how today’s marketing can be done, how to integrate the online and offline tool holistically, how to manage relationship with customers, and what the future marketing would be like.

Marketing, in my opinion, is now changed. In the past, we based marketing on 4Ps concept. We advertised through TV, magazine, printed materials, billboard, etc. We used to focus on the products and services. Now it’s customer oriented, data driven, with new interactive channels online. In the early age of social media, it’s only for personal use, for individual. Now as, social media grows, it expands to business use, for commercial.  We make online transaction (selling, buying, transferring money) almost everyday. We talk and speak online. Companies use multiple digital tools to operate the business and support their physical store. Some operate their business solely online. These are major changes that have been occurred to marketing in last couple years.

I would say it’s a new age of marketing. If any company miss managing their online appearance or not present online, it cannot survive in this social media war. To survive, business need to adapt the traditional operating method to those new online technology and tools that are widely available and accessible. Start cooperate social media, mobile application, and new marketing concept into the whole business. Synchronize the use of online and offline media.


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