Reflection of time: Here and Now

The only crucial time in our lives is here and now.

Only here and now that allows us to change and do something. Only here and now that we can be the person be want to be. Only here and now that change can be started. 


Throughout life, I guess everybody has questioned themselves at least once of what this life mean? When is the crucial time for us past, present, or future. Many look forward toward the future and dream of a big fancy dream. Some look backward in their past and regret in something they’ve done. Many time, people wonder their thought in time so much that sometimes neglect the most crucial moment in our lives, now.

Now is scarce and cannot be traded. If it’s gone, it’s gone and becomes past. Now is the only time that we can make difference. It’s the only time that we can fix mistake in the past and control the future. Past leaves us the indication of flaws, mistakes, and lessons. Future is like a goal for us to determine and try to achieve. 

For me, today I’ve learnt my flaws. I can see where I could have make it better, what kind of person I need to be for my loved ones, what I should do and say. I used to be a very stubborn child and arrogant to learn and do everything by myself. I guess sometimes, I might have disappointed my loved ones or look over and take granted of what I have. Now I know those things won’t last long. Everything has an end. What I have now, I want to make it better, I need to make change. Today I realized, Now I am making changes, and only hope that it will not be too late.

What about you? Have you made changes today?