Legend of Online Chat, MSN Messenger

Still remember chatting with friends over MSN? One of the greatest online creation that was a huge hit worldwide will be gone for good.

MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, an online instant message created by Microsoft was once a biggest online tool that everybody installed in their computers. With the long journey of 13 years in cyber world, it was almost vanished in the waves of social media and mobile applications in the last couple years back. Today, Microsoft decided to end it for good and used the system as a support merger to Skype. The change is expected to occur in 2013.

Quick Note:

  • MSN Messenger was initially released on 22 July 1999 (13 years ago)
  • MSN was changed into Windows Live Messenger on 13 December 2005
  • The last version of MSN was MSN Messenger 7.5
  • The last version of MSN as Windows Live Messenger was Windows Live Messenger 2012 (Wave 5) which came in a package of Windows Essential 2012 suite
  • Number of user was 330 million people in 76 countries and 48 languages (reference: http://msnmessengertips.com/windows-live-messenger-users-statistics/)