Key learning points in today’s marketing digitally

The world is always changing and shifting from era to era. Now we are in an era of “Information Age” leaded by technology and massive information. Then comes the new wave, social media. Social media introduces us to the new way of information exchange. It encourages individual interaction, online community, and online profile. Social media not only changes the world we live in, but also affects on marketing, generating new marketing DNA.

New Marketing DNA module by Paul Harrigan and Bev Hulbert

With technology and social media, today’s marketing is on a new page. It’s all about data. It’s all about new ways to communicate to customers. Most businesses are now trying to be more visible online. They don’t just depend on their own website or online store anymore, instead they expand their visibility and accessibility on other social media as well. Many companies create their Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Pinterest account, etc.

Changing aspects in Today’s marketing relating to the impact of technology and social media:

  • Web page, site design, and website marketing
  • Data analytic, data mining, and marketing research
  • CRM management
  • Marketing communication strategies including integrated social media with other channels
  • New way to manage relationship with customers
  • Alternative touchpoints
  • Individual focused and online profile
  • Mobile marketing
  • Online visibility and accessibility
  • Word-of-Mouth, Data driven marketing orientation
  • Cocreating value between company and customers
  • Customer interaction over online community

This is marketing in the 21st century which is also one of the courses that I am studying.

The core concept of this new marketing DNA can basically be viewed in terms of data (back-end data analytic) and communication (front-end communication). Personally, I am leaning toward the communication aspect as it is compatible to my study and interest. I found that social media is the main cause that shift the old marketing concept. It generates online community of customers, provides accessible place of exchanging massive information, and affects how people communicate. As a marketer, I am interested to learn and specialize in this new wave; how today’s marketing can be done, how to integrate the online and offline tool holistically, how to manage relationship with customers, and what the future marketing would be like.

Marketing, in my opinion, is now changed. In the past, we based marketing on 4Ps concept. We advertised through TV, magazine, printed materials, billboard, etc. We used to focus on the products and services. Now it’s customer oriented, data driven, with new interactive channels online. In the early age of social media, it’s only for personal use, for individual. Now as, social media grows, it expands to business use, for commercial.  We make online transaction (selling, buying, transferring money) almost everyday. We talk and speak online. Companies use multiple digital tools to operate the business and support their physical store. Some operate their business solely online. These are major changes that have been occurred to marketing in last couple years.

I would say it’s a new age of marketing. If any company miss managing their online appearance or not present online, it cannot survive in this social media war. To survive, business need to adapt the traditional operating method to those new online technology and tools that are widely available and accessible. Start cooperate social media, mobile application, and new marketing concept into the whole business. Synchronize the use of online and offline media.


– Harrigan and Hulbert (2011), How can Marketing Academics Serve Marketing Practice? The New Marketing DNA as a Model of Marketing Education. [Online]. Available: or [Accessed: 12 November 2012]